I haven't updated this in a while, so here's the current status for my SNESp. The front part is nearly complete. I'm having some trouble mounting the shoulder buttons. First, The little slits are really hard to cut for them, I need to widen one of them a bit. Second, There isn't much room to mount the PCB inside the case. So, I don't know exactly how I'm going to do that. I also now think that even though making the start and select buttons right above the shoulder buttons make them easier/quicker to access, it was a bad decision. Not to mention how the derned wires keep breaking for my controller boards. Other than that I just need to construct the back half of the system (cartridge slot and battery holder) then I'm practically done).

Oh yeah, I now own my own super joy gamepad crappy games fun stick. So, I'm thinking of completing a NESp before I complete this project. I figure that way I'll have a bit more experience and be able to better complete the SNESp.

Wahoo! Now I'm getting somewhere a bit faster. After spending nearly all of my free time the past few days the front is nearly complete. Hallelujah for my dremel. The hole for the d-pad took way too long.

I'm now working on cutting a groove on the edge piece that the faceplate will sink into. Here's the first photo I have of the case (so far).

Well, I just (finally) reglued the case. Hopefully it won't break on me this time.

Okay, my case is progressing a little, but I still have a few kinks to work out.

Okay, I am currently working on the case. It was stalled because my brother took over the workbench for his stuff. I got him to clear the one in the garage, and progress is, uhhh, progressing again. I have the front and back panel for the case cut.

Here is the new design.

The cartridge slot is now relocated. I was right in my guess that putting it back on would take less time, as it took about two hours. Then yesterday I started directly hooking the LCD to the SNES. After I hooked it up I went through an hour of mistakes because I kept hooking it up wrong. First I had the electricity going through the SNES backwards (well, good thing I noticed before I turned it on). The final problem I noticed about the wiring is that I had to solder the ground to the smaller pin of where the power supply connected to, not the larger one. So, I hooked up the power supply, and. . . it worked! Yay! I later hooked it up with batteries, that also works. Finally when I hooked Super Mario World up to it I quickly learned that if you turn on the SNES when a cartridge is in backwards it resets the saved data, whoops. Well, anyhow, here is a picture.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I am going to have to re-design my case a bit for where to put the controller ports.

Okay, I removed the cartridge slot today. That took way too long. With sixty-two pins it took an average of about three and one third minutes. That's over three and one half hours! I definitely think re-soldering it on with my ribbon cable will be easier than removing it.

Okay, this morning I started working on my new controller. I actually started off last night putting it together on my bread board to see if my NES chips work. That was a flop. My bread board isn't big enough. Because I wasn't about to shell out $40 for a new one, I just took it apart. So, anyhow I started this morning actual soldering it together on a circuit board. That took way too long. It sure would have helped if Ben put an entire SNES controller schematic in his book. So after about three to four hours I had it all together. Testing it out I was happy to find out it actually worked!

So, because it isn't split up how I need it I need to de-solder allot of the wires on the back.

So, after de-soldering the last half-hour of work and spending another hour cutting and soldering I got it back together. After a few minutes of playing, the start button went crazy. I re-soldered it, then after a few minutes, it came undone again. I gave it a bunch of solder. and it worked.

Okay, I drew the first (and hopefully only) concept image for the front.

Oh! Surprise! I got my 2 NES controllers today. Here is the progress of ripping them apart.

Okay, I'm still waiting for the controllers. That is no surprise, I should get them in about one week. Today I did remove the power and reset buttons. I also relocated the controller ports, since I want to have this be horizontal and the ports on the bottom. It sure was a pain in the rear to remove it with all the solder on those huge pins. Anyhow, here are a few pics

Okay, this didn't all happen today, but here is my status in order of oldest to newest.

I got my mini SNES from a friend. I bought a PSOne display and a few games from eBay. I got a DVD player battery from Wal*Mart, and it killed my Screen. It apparently wasn't sending out the correct voltage, so it was returned. My copy of Hacking Video Game Consoles arrived! Reading it I found out that a fuse was blown on my PSOne screen. After being re-wired to bypass the screen, nothing. I did an LED mod to it and it worked! Using alligator clips I got the screen to run connected to the SNES instead of a DVD player. Now I just need to wait for my NES controllers I won on eBay to arrive then I can start construction! is in no way affiliated with the LEGO group.

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