I've seen a few people put flash drives, USB hubs, and keyboard circuits inside of NES and/or SNES controllers. These are all cool, but can't something better be done? I then set out on a quest to put all three of these inside of a Super Nintendo controller!

This project was started back in october 2008. It was mainly delayed due to me accidently killing my first USB hub. I eventually ordered a new hub when I bought an external monitor from Newegg. Three days later after using two and a half sticks of hot glue, a Radio Shack circuit board, some ribbon cable, and a few other various bits it was completed.

And it even has a USB port on the top.

Cracking it open you'll first see the circuit from a cheap used Dell keyboard. The capacitors have been moved to save a little space. It took a decent amount of time to map out the circuit by slowly following the traces with a multimeter. I did map it to use the arrows, A, B, X, Y, L, R, enter, and spacebar for the keys. It uses Dvorak, of course.

Below the keyboard is the USB hub. Under that is a 4GB flash drive I bought on woot. Using short pieces of ribbon cable I soldered the keyboard, flash drive, and USB port to the hub.

Mounting the buttons was a simple task. I superglued nylon spacers to the case after trimming them down to the right height. This trimming took a while to make sure the buttons had the right amount of play. The actual buttons had to all be filled in with hot glue to make sure they trigger the tactile switches.

After I finished soldering and fitting the parts to the front I had to get the back to fit. To do this I had to dremel nearly everything off the back half. I also had to clean up the the bottom rim as my soldering iron slipped off its stand and melted the case a bit. Gosh darn it. Once done everything fit quite snugly. To be honest, I'm now happy my first USB hub died. I doubt it would have fit with its size. is in no way affiliated with the LEGO group.

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