Just for the fun

Just for the fun of it, I decided to see how well OS X runs allot of programs at the same time on my 1GHz mac. So, I opened up 38 of my programs, and no, not just lo resource programs. About half way through opening programs it took a while longer for programs to open, well, I was opening more than one at a time. Once all of the programs were up, I started QuickTime, iTunes, LDView rotating a model, DOSBox emulating a game, etc… okay, it still seems to be performing well. Application switching was fast. Okay, time for something a little more difficult, I pressed F9 and zhwoop, there was a little version of every window I had open. It was a little more choppy than usual, but still faster than normal use of F9 on my friend’s 500 MHz G4 PowerBook. I switched over to Activity Monitor, I even still had some ram free out of my 768 MB! After quitting most of the programs (all except the ones for the homework I was working on before I decided to take a break) I had a huge chunk of ram free again. Lets see windows try to come close to performance like this, even on a computer 3x or more faster than mine!