It has been a while

Alrighty, it has been a while since I have posted anything so here are some updates. At the end of last semester my computer decided to die right after my last final. It ended up that all I needed to do was re-solder one little pin of one little chip. That wasn’t too bad. If you have a similar problem and are handy with a surface mount soldering iron all you need to do is open your lower case locate the bad chip and re-solder that one pesky pin. Today I also came up with a solution for another problem. My trackpad, being nearly four years old, doesn’t work too well. To fix this I took a screen protector for my PDA and sanded it down with a really fine grit. That way it feels smoother. Then cut it to the size of my trackpad and stuck it on. It actually works really well feeling almost as good as new.