Sim City has always been

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Sim City has always been one of my favorite games. I spent endless hours playing Sim City 2000 (SC2000) in DOS on the family 486. Years later, I got Sim City 3000 (SC3000). It was fun, but didn’t have the same feel. Always worrying about garbage disposal quickly became a big nuisance. Christmas 2008, I bought Sim City for my iPod. It’s a great balance between SC2000 and SC3000, but it quickly lost its sheen with some annoyances, like having to worry about garbage disposal with the small map size. Cutting down on traffic was a bit of a pain. In SC2000, I always had very successful subway systems to keep my road traffic down, but Sim City for the iPhone has no such ability. With the small screen it’s a bit hard to properly build things where you want. Overall, it’s fun, until the nostalgia wears off. Sim City is much better suited for the iPad.